Rs 12,000crore distributed to six crore farmers under pension scheme: says PM Modi

GANDHINAGAR (Gujarat): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that a total o Rs 12,000crore was distributed as pension to six crore farmers in the state, as part of a scheme he announced a year ago. The funds were transferred into their bank accounts, so that it would help them to the full without intermediaries. He was addressing the global potato conference here via video conferencing from Delhi.
India is among the three top nations in production of certain foodgrains and food product, the PM said and thanked the farmers for making this possible. “Several efforts and steps are being taken to double the income of farmers by 2022. It is the result of the combination of efforts taken by farmers and the government policy that India has emerged as one of the top three nations in production of grains and other food items,” the PM said.
One of the first acts of PM Modi in his first innings in Delhi from 2014 was to have bank accounts with zero balance opened for India’s poor and ordinary masses, who were so far kept out of the banking system. IHN=NN


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