CPIM MEET … After putting Muslims in deep trouble in UP, Commies holding meet in Kerala, fishing in troubled waters

Leader of villain of the piece in Indian politics? …Sitaram Yechury

NEW DELHI: Muslims being used as pawn in political games by the Communists is not a new story. It’s just that the scenario is getting increasingly worrisome under the likes of Sitaram Yechury, who is shadow-boxing Prime Minister Modi under the cover of his fancy Secularism push a la the Congress — with gross disregard to the problems of the common man. 
The central committee of the CPIM is starting its three-day session in the Kerala capital from Saturday, with discussions mainly centering around ways to fight the Modi government principally on the Citizenship law and raising issues like the economic downturn. The aim of holding the meeting this time in Kerala is to ‘steal the thunder’ in the ‘campus playboy’ style of the party general secretary, who has little grasp of or interest in running a common man’s party.
The party is positioning itself in the forefront of the fight against the citizenship law, thereby claiming to seek and uphold the Secular image of the nation. The Modi government has made it clear, time and again, that the law does not concern any Indian citizen but related only to those who have flooded India from neighbouring nations of Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan through illegal border-crossings, or those who are living as refugees, or those who faced persecution in the three nations on religious grounds. For the same reason, Muslims from these nations have been excluded from its citizenship provision.
With an aim to court Muslims, those like Sitaram Yechury allegedly worked from behind to fan the protests, which is already losing its steam. Muslim leaders are already mindful of the fact that a small section from the community is barking up the wrong tree, and no issue of seriousness is involved vis-à-vis Indian Muslims. The aim of Yechury, true to his irresponsible style, is to position the CPIM as the champion for the Muslims even as this is causing the community immense harm. In effect, the whole of the Muslim community is sought to be pitted against the Centre, and this is having grim consequences to the community.
West Bengal being already a gone case for the CPIM, its effort is to draw more Muslim support in Kerala, a reason why Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is going out of his way to keep harping on the citizenship law. He got the state assembly to pass a resolution against the new law, and the state government also moved Supreme Court with a petition seeking to quash the new law.
Governor Arif Mohd Khan, of the BJP stock, has already locked horns with the LDF government by trashing the Pinarayi government’s motivated over-zealousness in the matter. The overkill on the part of the CPIM and the chief minister is to enthuse the Muslims – knowing little that the wider Hindu segment of the population will get further alienated from what little is left of the Communists in India. Yechury, through his two terms, has already made mincemeat out of the CPIM, its relevance now limited only to Kerala, thanks to the way the party is organizationally kept well-equipped from the time Pinarayi Vijayan led it as state secretary.
Under Yechury, the Communist leaders are seen across India as bluff-masters with little stuff. Under Prakash Karat’s leadership, the party retained some dignity, which Yechury through his campus instincts – and cut from the life of the ordinary people – has squandered. He revels more as adviser to Congress party and Sonia Gandhi, resulting in a situation in which the party is faced with an identity crisis; it being seen as a sidekick to the Congress party, which too is steadily on the downslide even in Kerala.
The political game of pitting Muslims against the Modi government is causing problems of a serious nature to the Muslim community as a whole. Tens of thousands of families in Uttar Pradesh are facing cases related to the street violence in the context of the anti-CAA protests held by a small section of Muslims whose mood was whipped up by the likes of Yechury and a gang of brainless wonders posing as intellectuals centering around the national capital, beneficiaries of governmental favours during the Congress era. The assets of large numbers of Muslim families in UP are being seized by the government in return for their alleged indulgence in violence and destruction of public property.
The Yogi Adityanath government unleashed its brutal police force on hapless Muslims following massive violence in the anti-CAA protests, and nearly 30 poor Muslims had been shot dead, and hundreds injured. Yechury and Co are seen fishing in troubled waters with able support from the likes of Kerala chief minister. This, even though the citizenship bill issue is now before the Supreme Court, which will examine the justification for the new law and will arrive at a just decision. – IHN-NN
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