MILITARY MUSCLE… China and India have world’s largest militaries, followed by United States

NEW DELHI: India has the world’s second largest military in terms of manpower, while China leads the world’s military pack. China has 2,183,000 soldiers, while India at second slot has 1,362,000 soldiers. At third slot is the United States, which has a man-power of 1,281,900.

Military manpower is no more a guarantee to winning a war. Even in World Wars, it was not. World War II was won by the Americans dropping nuclear bombs on targets in Japan in 1945. The US war on Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in 2002 – the major war in recent times – was won by firing of highly lethal Patriot missiles from air and sea by the US in a matter of a few days. There was only marginal arrival of US forces in Iraq to fight the land army. Saddam’s huge army threw away their guns and took to their heels.

Yet, several nations keep large armies. North Korea, a poor Communist nation which takes pride in fighting against Americans and Imperialism, has a land army of 1,280,000 soldiers – a little less than what the US has. It occupies the world’s fourth position in terms of military man-power.

Russia has the world’s fifth largest land army. It has 1,013,268 soldiers.

Pakistan comes next, the sixth in world ranking, with a total soldier strength of 6,54,000 soldiers including women. The seventh ranking is for South Korea, with 6,25,000 soldiers. Iran has 5,32,000 soldiers, winning the eighth ranking — and the second ranking next to Pakistan among Muslim nations. Vietnam, holding the ninth rank, has 4,82,000 soldiers.

Egypt has 4,40,000 soldiers – it holding the 10th global ranking. Notably, China has recently started an initiative to reduce its military manpower. IHN-NN


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