PRODUCTIVE PARLIAMENT … Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha perform excellently well in Winter Session

NEW DELHI: A welcome change to the functioning of Parliament – which till a while ago had been largely under-performing, and the upper house – Rajya Sabha – a scene of utter chaos on most days in the previous term of the Modi government and also the UPA II period; periods that saw very little transaction of government business, and public money was largely wasted.
The Lok Sabha recorded a high productivity of 116 percent in the winter session, while for Rajya Sabha it was at 99 percent, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said on Friday, the last day of the session. During the session, 18 bills were introduced in the Lok Sabha. Fourteen bills were passed by the Lower House while 15 bills were passed by Rajya Sabha. Overall, 15 bills were passed by both Houses of Parliament, Joshi said.
Addressing a press conference after both Houses were adjourned sine die, the minister said this was for the first time when Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla was interrupted by Congress members when he was making concluding remarks about the session. 
In the last term, the Congress party used its majority in the Rajya Sabha to target the Modi government, in place and out of place, and in an irresponsible manner, by blocking proceedings on a daily basis. Such irresponsible acts added to the poor image of the party after it suffered heavily in terms of image loss vis a vis the scams and corruption of the UPA II period. IHN-NN

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