INSTANT JUSTICE … All four accused in Vet doctor murder case shot dead in ‘encounter’ at the site of crime in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Crowds of locals went into a celebratory mood on Friday as news spread of the police shooting and killing of the four accused in the recent veterinarian murder incident. Police reported that the four were shot near the site where the veterinarian was set ablaze by the gang, near Chatanpally. They were taken there for evidence-taking, and according to the police version, the four accused tried to attack the cops in a bid to escape from the scene. Police opened fire and killed all the four in the encounter.


Police said the encounter took place around 3.30am, when the team of cops were taking the four accused to the site in the manner of “reconstructing the events leading to the murder which took place at late in the night. The accused had spotted the vet on the highway, stranded, as her two-wheeler developed a puncture. They approached her in the guise of helping her around 9pm, and then raped and killed her, after which they set her ablaze with petrol collected from some petrol stations in plastic bottles after midnight.

While the families of the four men – Mohd Arif, Siva, Naveen and Chenna Kasavulu – were quick to raise their suspicion about the police version, the entire city woke up to hail the police action. Women activist groups had demanded death by hanging to the four accused, who had gang-raped and killed the young veterinarian while she got stranded near the toll post on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad highway.

Vet doctor murder…… Intervening night of November 27-28
Body spotted…………….Morning, November28
Arrest of accused four by Cyberabad police…November 29
Encounter and death of the four accused …. early morning, December 6, at 3.30am

Reports said the senior cop Sajjanar who was in charge of the present investigations had led a similar encounter in Warangal some 11 years ago when he was in charge of a police circle there. The three accused in a case of throwing acid on a girl student was shot dead by a police party headed by Sajjanar and the cops later said there was an attempt on the part of the accused to throw crude bombs on the cops. Sajjanar had won wholesome praise for that incident, which took place in 2008 and he had a folk hero status for many years after 2008.

People across the board welcomed the police action in Hyderabad on Friday morning. Many were of the view that the normal channels for punishing the guilty in India remain largely paralysed due to the long delay on the part of courts to give their judgement in cases. More over, chances of the accused escaping serious punishment are rare.  Those with money and resources have several escape routes, and the judicial system itself is increasingly becoming a laughing stock.

The style of arguments and style of justice delivery are increasingly drawing public criticism, even from those from the judiciary or retired judge.  It is often that politicians in power interfere with the justice-dispensation process and make a mess of matters.

Indian jails, where criminals are shut, are today holiday homes. By taking cues from the developed world, the facilities in jails for under-trials are increasingly raised into “world standards, unlike in the old days when jail was a punishment in itself. The quality of food served in jails are regularly monitored by so-called “human rights” commissions — frauds in themselves — and insistence made that the quality be improved; with the result, the menu includes such luxuries as biriyani and chicken dishes on certain days every week. 

Many of the accused come out of jail, on bail etc, well-dressed and in smart manner, proof of the good treatment they got in jails. Several of those who come out on bail resort to the same crime again, be it pickpocketing, murder or chain-snatching the day they are out of jail, and then return to jail cells.

Overall, India’s justice-dispensation systems, many reckon, are facing serious odds. Uncouth politicians at the apex of governance are messing up with the situation in most cases. 

Notably, Member of Parliament, Jaya Bachchan, a former Bollywood actress, had demanded that rapist-killers should be publicly lynched. Some other members demanded that rapists be castrated. All of them reflected the public mood: nothing happens through normal channels of justice dispensation system in India today. –IHN-N


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