RED PURGE … CPIM to reduce age limit for PB and CC members to 75 from present 80

NEW DELHI: The CPIM has decided to reduce the age-limit for its office-bearers at central level to 75 from the present limit of 80. Curiously, this is in line with a policy set by the BJP after PM Narendra Modi assumed power at the Centre. The policy will be implemented after the next party congress slated for 2021. The age limit for state committee members will also be reduced.
Strict implementation of the age-limit is unlikely, though. While the party was keeping age 80 as the limit for CC and PB, senior leader from Kerala S Ramachandran Pillai had been given an exemption at the last party congress, he having crossed age 80. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, currently at age 75 too would face the age problem. By 2021, he will be 77. So are P Karunakaran, Vaikom Viswan who could be out of the CC. In the state committee, the likes of Anathalavattom Anandan and Koliyakode Krishnan Nair might step aside.
Party stalwarts at the central level, present general secretary Sitaram Yechury and former general secretary Prakash Karat will have more time. Yechury is 67 (born in August 1952) and Karat is 71 (February, 1948). Brinda Karat is 72 (October 1947). Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is 66 (November 1953). Biman Basu from Kolkata is nearly 80 (July 1940).
Polit Buro is an Old Age Home: Of the other PB members, Manik Sarkar is 70, Hannan Mollah is 73, MA Baby is 66, Surjya Kanta Mishra 70, Mohd Salim 62, Subhashini Ali 72, BV Raghavulu is 68, G Ramakrishnan is 70, Tapan Kumar Sen is 68, and Nilotpal Basu is 63 – the youngest in the lot.
The Kerala CPIM has proposed 65 as the age limit for state committee members. 
At the PB and CC, if the age limit is implemented, general secretary Sitaram Yechury can have a hearty laugh. While he can continue in post till Most of his alleged detractors in the party leadership can take political sanyas — including chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who would cross the 75 limit by 2021. As of now, Yechury will have seven more years of life in the party leadership, though it is a moot point whether he will get one more term as general secretary. Yechury himself would like to return to Parliament once his present term ends. 

Yechury’s two terms had not been a period of forward march to the party. The party is stuck in a bind. If he wants to return to parliament, meaning the Rajya Sabha, from where, is a serious question. He has built no turf for himself to fight and win a Lok Sabha poll. Yechury’s field of activity all along was Delhi. The CPIM is zero here, with no mass base. The Telugu states from where he hails too do not have a noticeable presence for the two communist parties. West Bengal might not be in a position to give him a berth in the new grim situations there. — IHN-NN

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