PAWAR PLAY … Devendra Fadnavis out, but big question on who will be in as Maharashtra’s new CM

MUMBAI: The big question being discussed in political circles here on Monday was, “Who would be the CM, if a non-BJP government is formed?”
Nothing goes to show Shiv Sena’s Aaditya Thackeray would become CM. The Shiv Sena has lost its case, and it will now be for the NCP to make a try. In the event of it gathering the numbers, veteran of many a battle Sharad Pawar himself could step in as CM for a fresh term. The 79-year-old Pawar is not in good health, of late, but he has the grasp of governance, more than anyone else. He has a way with both politics and administration. 

A stickler for time, those who seek a meeting with Pawar must be present at the precise minute. Else, chances are that one will miss the meeting. Pawar will move on to the next item on his daily schedule. Pawar at the helm of a government would mean stability, as he has the right connections with every politician and political party.
So, what of Aaditya Thackeray? 

Aaditya lost whatever little chance he had to get on to the gaddi. Now, it is upto Pawar to decide who would the CM be, in case he feels he can muster majority support to form a government. There was a clamour for Aaditya to be CM, as he is the first from the Thackery family to ever enter the Maharashtra legislature as a member. He got elected this time from Worli in Mumbai. He is not a greenhorn in politics, though. He was with the youth movement of the Sena and worked for the parent body as well behind his father. The 29-year-old Aaditya is a lawyer by profession.
Uddhav Thackeray:  

The 59-year-old Uddhav Thackeray, son of deceased Sena founder Bal Thackeray, might be ready to don the CM post, but for fear he might lose his hold over the party, which required constant attention in view of the possibility of dissidence and even a split – what, with the BJP scouting around and both PM Modi and HM Amit Shah would make mincemeat out of the Sena if they get an opportunity.
Ajit Pawar and Supriya Sule: 

Two prominent names in the NCP other than Sharad Pawar are his nephew and former deputy CM Ajit Pawar, and long-time parliamentarian Supriya Sule. But, chances are that Sharad Pawar might himself like to don the CM mantle again. So that, PM Modi could think twice before leading him into the hands of the ED and the CBI for his past commissions and omissions. In other words, Sharad Pawar desperately needs power now, to hold himself and his family aflot. 

Fact is also that Ajit Pawar and Supriya Sule do not see eye-to-eye. There is fight within the family for power and pelf, though it has had too much of both.


If the NCP fails to muster the majority, it is open to the governor to leave the assembly in suspended animation and impose president’s rule for a period, until the dust is settled. This might sooner or later be followed by new elections in Maharashtra. 


Even if the BJP finally turns around and gets the numbers to form a government, Devendra Fadnavis will not get a chance to run the government for a second time. Very unlikely.

Devendra Fadnavis will go down in history as a failed CM. He could not ensure victory for the party after a five-year rule, even though the Lok Sabha polls five months ago saw a clean sweep for the party, meaning a strong support to the party and PM Modi. This election was a test by fire for Devendra Fadnavis as CM. He failed to retain power for the party in the state. 

Worse, after his five-year-term, and despite the goodwill generated for the party by PM Modi by virtue of the Kashmir action, Balakot etc, the party did not see its graph up. It has lesser number of seats this time, against its figure in the last assembly.


Even this is not unlikely. In the event, the Shiv Sena will be put in its place, firmly and this will be the end of Uddhav Thackeray and his outfit that stood the test of time for several decades by perfecting the art of muscle-flexing and browbeating. The Sena’s symbol is Tiger, but time may not be far it will wail, not roar; that is, if BJP chief Amit Shah has his way with a wink from PM Modi. –IHN-NN

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