BHAGWAT-SPEAK … RSS willing to change ideology in any respect other than in Hindu Rashtra concept

NEW DELHI: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said here that the pro-Hindutva organisation is willing to change its ideology in every respect other than its advocacy of India as a Hindu Rashtra. “Anything else can change depending on situations,” he said at an event here on Tuesday. 
The RSS chief, under whose tenure, the organization evolved a winning formula vis-à-vis getting elected to power at the Centre, and has since not looked back. What was once a Brahminical organization, the RSS under Mohan Bhagwat changed course, reformed its thought processes, and invented a new leader for its political arm, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), by bringing Gujarat’s long-serving chief minister as its nominee for the Prime Minister post. By seizing an opportunity, the RSS and the BJP changed the course of history in many ways, and managed to occupy centre stage in national affairs in a pronounced way for the first time in India’s post-Independence history.
Bhagwat took over the reins of the RSS as its SarsanghChalak in 2009, when incumbent KS Sudarshan stepped aside. The RSS-BJP build-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls started thereafter under the direction of Mohan Bhagwat. It was part of his initiative to reform and rebuild India with emphasis on the nation’s age-old traditions.
Bhagwat said at Tuesday’s event that the RSS neither had ideologues nor did it believe in any rigid ideology or doctrine. The RSS, he said, could change everything in its ideology other than its belief that India is a “Hindu rashtra”. He was speaking at the launch of the book The RSS: Roadmaps for the 21st Century by Sunil Ambekar, a senior functionary of the RSS and the organising secretary of the student arm, the ABVP.
Bhagwat said the RSS was not having any Holy Book, though it is guided by the Bunch of Thoughts written by the organisation’s second head, MS Golwalkar. “It is wrong to describe anything as Sangh’s ideology. Sangh founder Dr Hedgewar did not ever say he can fully understand the Sangh. After having been the Sarsangachalak for so long, Guruji said I may have begun to understand the Sangh.”
“RSS founder KB Hedgewar had said Hindustan is a Hindu Rashtra. We have inherited this as a fact of life. We cannot change this. Yet the society may keep evolving,” he said, stressing on the need for RSS to keep adapting to the changing times.
Bhagwat said there recently had been discussions on homosexuality and integration of transgender people into the society. This can be addressed. These people have a place in society,” he said. “In Mahabharata, Jarasandha [king of Magadha] had two generals they fought in the war alongside the others. We have also spoken about it, this is not such a big problem, we can find solutions. There is no practice of debate over everything.” –IHN-NN

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