CHANDRAYAAN-II … Space chief K Sivan says Chandrayaan II mission is great success; lander failure no big issue

BHUBANESWAR: ISRO chairman Sivan says the Chandrayaan-2 mission, despite the failure of its lander at last minute, has achieved 98 per cent success. Its orbiter – the main component of the mission to map the surface of the Moon and its mineral and water contents and sending precious data and images to the ground station, “is working excellently well”, he said.
“The mission helped in mapping the entire lunar surface,” he told the eighth convocation of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here.
India’s top Space scientist said much of the mission’s operations are being conducted by the orbiter. Lander Vikram which went defunct was meant to perform only a minor role. “Hence, the mission is a great success.” The orbiter was originally planned to have a life of one year only, but its capacity has been enhanced to 7.5years. This meant, the benefit too would be more than seven fold, he pointed out.
Risks are involved in complex operations. Innovation is possible only through calculated risks and failures, leading to success, he noted.
Sivan said scientists at the Space centre was now raring to go, for the launch of Gaganyaan, which will be India’s first manned mission to the Moon. By 2021, India would send its own man to the Space, he said. —IHN-NN

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