RAPES & BJP … UP Law student says BJP leader Chinmayanand raped her in his Shahjahanpur college for a year; and he raped more girls in college

NEW DELHI: Another BJP leader from Uttar Pradesh is accused of raping a law student from a college he controls in Shahjahanpur town. The law student alleged through a facebook post that BJP leader Chinmayanand raped her for over a year in her college hostel. He is director of the college, and that the police is reluctant to act against the politician, she said. Uttar Pradesh is having a BJP government run by chief minister Yogi Adityanath. Another BJP MLA is in jail in connection with a rape case, in which the girl and several of her family members had met with unnatural death after she raised the allegation.
The girl made the allegation on facebook on August 24 in which she also said Chinmayanand had similarly raped several girl students in the college in recent times. She said he raped her for over a year. After she made the revelation, the Supreme Court intervened and ordered a special probe, while the girl went underground to ensure her safety in the lawless land of Uttar Pradesh. “Chinmayanand has not been arrested yet,” she told the media on Monday. She also said the district magistrate (collector) urged her family to withdraw the police complaint and be mindful about the consequences if she did not do so.
The girl who went underground was finally located by police a week later from a spot in Rajasthan.  
The Unnao BJPMLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar had been expelled from the party in August, a long time after a girl alleged that she was raped by the politician when she went to meet him for arranging a job for her along with her aunt. Her father and uncle were killed in suspicious circumstances, one in a police lock up, and the girl herself along with two of her family members died recent as a truck ran over her autorickshaw in a suspected case of motivated killing. IHN-NN

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