CHANDRAYAAN2 … Count-down starts for mission’s landing on lunar surface 2am; PM at ISRO

Image credit … YouTube


BENGALURU: The countdown began for the landing of Chandrayaan2, India’s ambitious lunar mission, on Moon’s surface. The soft landing is expected shortly before 2am Friday night. ISRO scientists, hopeful that the landing will be without any hitch, will be joined here by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has already reached the ISRO station here. 

PM Modi would sit alongside scientists and an invited group of 70 students mostly from various parts of India and some neighbouring nations too to watch the landing from the ISRO control room.

The students are online winners of a quiz competition conducted by ISRO in August. Two top scorers from each state and UT have been invited to watch the show from ISRO control room.
ISRO chairman K Sivan.

If the landing is successful, India will be the fourth country to have achieved the feat of landing on Moon. India hopes to be the first nation to have landed in the south pole of Moon. The mission is undertaken at a cost of Rs 1,000crore which consists of a lunar orbiter, a lander titled Vikram and rover called Pragyaan. Pragyan is expected to roll out of the orbiter between 5.30am and 6.30am.

Chandrayaan2 mission aims to find out whether there are water deposits in the lunar south pole. Chandrayaan1 was the first mission which identified presence of water on Moon’s surface. The mission would also explore the presence of minerals and chemicals on the lunar space. This, it is hoped, could be commercially exploited in future. The pictures and information will be passed on to the ISRO antenna from a distance of 4lakh kms, which would reach the ground in a matter of seconds. IHN-NN

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