NRC LIST TODAY: Ban orders in several Assam districts as NRC list set to be released Saturday

NEW DELHI: Amid heightened security and clamping of ban orders in several districts of Assam, the Union Government is set to announce the final draft of the National Register of Citizens. Ban against assembly of four or more persons in public places is in effect in state administrative headquarter town of Dispur, as also at Bhangagarh, Hatigaon, Basistha, Khetri and Sonapur police station limits here.

The Centre has airlifted 52 companies of paramilitary forces to Assam to ensure that law and order is not breached. The publication of NRC is the first step towards sending back those who had illegally entered the state from Bangladesh etc in the past to their respective countries. This is causing anguish among such families that have spent large part of their life in Assam and have integrated with the life here. 

Three generations of families could be affected, but the Centre has not outlined the action plan for deportations he intends to do. However, the government has promised free legal aid to those who have been identified as illegal immigrants.—IHN-NN


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