TERROR ALERT .. Terror alert in South, as group of LeT terrorists spotted in Coimbatore localities

CHENNAI: A terror alert has been sounded for Tamil Nadu and Kerala on Friday, after intelligence agencies warned that six Lashkar e Taiba terrorists have entered Tamil Nadu and are planning terror strikes in the two states. Tamil Nadu police was alerted by central agencies, following which alert levels have been raised to the maximum. 

The gang of terrorists was last spotted in Coimbatore and they might either be in Tamil Nadu or crossed over to Kerala, it is suspected. One of them, Abdul Khader, is a Keralite from Thrissur, and another a Pakistani. The two are suspected to have come to Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka. 

Abdul Khader Rahim from Madavana in Kodungallur, Thrissur district, was in Bahrain until recently, and returned to India after his business failed. He is known to have made arrangements for the gang of terrorists to enter India via the southern shoreline, intelligence reports said.

Either some religious shrines or defence set-ups could be their targets, based on intelligence reports. Security has been tightened at Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple as also at Madurai Meenakshi temple, among others, reports said Friday night.

The recent church blasts in Sri Lanka were carried out by similar gangs of terrorists who had base in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Indian intelligence agencies had alerted Sri Lankan authorities in advance about the plot, but the governmental agencies there did not take a serious note. IHN-NN

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