KASHMIR … Set-back to Pakistan, China at UN Security Council meet; Russia backs India

NEW DELHI: India on Friday thwarted an attempt at UN Security Council to censure India on the recent changes New Delhi effected in Kashmir’s status. The bid was jointly made by China and Pakistan, but Russia prominently came to India’s aid.

After a closed-door discussion by select members at UNSC, China suggested that a briefing be made to the media. Britain backed this, while Russia said this was not necessary. Some other security council members too said no briefing was needed and “let India and Pakistan sort out their differences.” The matter ended there. The attempt by Pakistan to have the Security Council discuss the matter at a broader meeting too did not succeed. 

Meanwhile, internet was restored in Jammu areas and over 50,000 phone connections in Kashmir Valley were also made functional after several days of suspension of these services after India abrogated Article 370 of the Constitution and turned Jammu and Kashmir into a Union Territory, instead of it being a state so far. India also separated Ladakh from Jammu and Kashmir and formed the Himalayan province into a separate Union Territory – something which irritated China, which had designs on Ladakh. 

At one point, Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan tried to enlist support for Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir developments at UN. President Trump responded through a White House statement that the President “conveyed the importance of India and Pakistan reducing tensions through bilateral dialogue.” This poured cold water on Pakistan’s hopes to get US backing for it in the Security Council.

Pakistan came up for mention at Security Council last time in 1971. –IHN-NN

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