I-DAY DECREE …India to have a chief of defence staff; Rs 10 trillion to be invested in infrastructure

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday announced that India will have a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) – a historic decision, viewed against the backdrop that India always avoided such a power centre in the armed forces also in view of the seizure of power by the military in neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh. “India will have a Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). This is going to make the forces even more effective,” the prime minister declared after unfurling the National Flag at Red Fort.

The prime minister gave hope to the nation by saying 2019-2024 will be a period of fulfilling the aspirations of nation, indicating several strong decisions are in the pipeline. Rs 100 trillion will be invested towards infrastructure in five years.

Over three and a half lakh crore would be earmarked for reaching drinking water to all homes. Under the slogan, Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, all poor tribals and Muslims will be taken care of. Every effort made to end corruption and black money. These menaces ruined India for 70 years. Let us instead reward honesty, the PM said.

On economy, the PM said a high jump was needed. “We have to keep in mind global best practices and build good systems. Attaining the goal of reaching a $10 trillion economy is possible, he said.

The Prime minister said there is huge possibility to promote tourism. He urged citizens to travel to 10 new places within India. This would also help preserve our culture. it was time to discard plastic bags, and instead increasingly use cloth and jute bags.

He also called upon the nation to increasingly use the mode of digital payments.

The PM said national integration was important. GST realized the dream of ‘one nation, one tax’. “We also achieved ‘one nation, one grid’ dream in the energy sector. Work is on for ‘one nation, one ration card’. Today, we are talking about ‘one nation, one election’. We have put into practice the ‘One nation, one constitution’ concept,” he said, about abrogation of Article 370. 

“The old system in Kashmir encourage corruption and nepotism. The ordinary people did not get justice. We cannot accept such a situation. “If the nation had taken steps against ‘Sati’, female foeticide and dowry, then why should we not act against instant triple talaq,” the PM asked. –IHN-NN

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