SILENT CHOWKIDAR … UP minister’s son-in-law among those booked for murder, alongside accused BJP MLA

Scene of road rage…premeditated hit?


NEW DELHI: The son-in-law of a BJP minister in the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government is among 10 persons booked for murder in the road accident case involving an Unnao-based gang-rape victim a week ago. The car the girl and her relatives were travelling on their way to the sub jail in Rae Bareli was hit upon by a truck which had its number plate blackened, leading to inference that it was a pre-meditated attack to kill the girl, who had been gang=raped in 2017 by a BJP MLA, who is now in jail. 

The girl is now in a critical condition in a hospital in Lucknow. Intervening in the matter, the Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government to try and transfer the girl to Delhi for better treatment. The court also shifted all related cases to Delhi in one go. 

While the CBI inquiry had been ordered into the gang-rape, the state government had not done enough to offer protection to the girl and her family. The security provided to her was not present when the road rage incident in Rae Bareli took place. Her father had died in police custody, after his arrest on a charge of illegally carrying arms. This after he was attacked by the rape-accused MLAs men. Her uncle was also attacked and killed by the MLA’s men.

An SOS the girl and her family sent to the Chief Justice of Supreme Court in the first week of July, saying there was threat to their lives, did not reach the CJI for weeks after its receipt in the Supreme Court. Now, the Supreme Court took a serious note of this and transferred all cases relating to the Unnao gang-rape and other killings which followed, to Delhi from Uttar Pradesh. 

Silent Chowkidar…

The Supreme Court registry’s explanation is that it receives more than 5000 letters a month, and it would take time to sort out these letters.

With more than one BJP leader involved in the relating killings and persecution of the family from a poor background, surprisingly, no word of condemnation came from “chowkidar” prime minister Modi or the state chief minister Yogi Adityanath. –

After much hassles to the family, the accused MLA was suspended from the BJP on Thursday. This, after a huge public outcry against the BJP and the Yogi government. –IHN-NN 


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