DEMISE IN THE US: IMF-Asia director Subir Vithal Gokarn passes away

SV Gokam … finest brain…


NEW DELHI: Executive Director for India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Bhutan at International Monetary Fund (IMF), Subir Vithal Gokarn. Passed away in Washington DC on Tuesday after a period of serious health complications. He was 60 and is survived by his wife Jyotsna Bapat and daughter Kanaka. Gokarn had in the past functioned as deputy governor at Reserve Bank of India.
Gokarn’s was widely hailed as one of the finest brains India produced in the field of economy and monetary affairs. His was a reassuring presence at RBI. His name was at top of a list as the possible successor for RBI governor post after Raghuram Rajan quit the post in 2016. At that time, Gokarn was already with IMF. After Rajan, the NDA government chose Urjit Patel to head RBI. Gokarn was nominated to IMF in 2015 by the Modi government.

Gokarn served as deputy governor of RBI when highly acclaimed Subbarao headed the central bank. He handled monetary policy for three years. Expectations were also that Gokarn would succeed as Subbarao, but Rajan stepped in. The UPA government had other ideas. 

SV Gokarn with wife Jyotsna 


Nothing much is recorded about SV Gokarn’s personal life or origin. He had his early education in Mumbai.

Gokarn had a Master’s degree in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics and a doctorate in Economics from Case Western Reserve University, US, which he got in 1989. 

He was associate professor at the Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research in Mumbai between 1991 and 2000. Gokarn had his BA in Economics from the St Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

Gokarn had also functioned as director of research at Brookings India and chief economist at Standard & Poor’s Asia Pacific. –IHN-NN


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