TRIPLE TALAQ … Lok Sabha passes bill, now a Rajya Sabha nod likely, unlikely

NEW DELHI: The Lok Sabha on Thursday passed the bill against the practice of Triple Talaq in the Muslim community. The new law criminalises instant divorce through resort to this practice and seeks jail term for the guilty. The bill will move to the Rajya Sabha for passage, soon, after which it could become law.

In the Lok Sabha, 303 members voted in favour and 82 voted against. Several amendments moved by the Opposition were defeated. Once the bill becomes law, men who indulge in the practice will get a jail term up to three years. The TMC, JDU and Congress MPs staged a walkout. They alleged that the bill was targeting the Muslim community, and demanded that the bill be sent first to the standing committee for scrutiny. 

The bill was introduced by minister for law, Ravishankar Prasad. He said the legislation was a must for gender equality. Despite the Supreme Court passing a verdict in 2017 against triple talaq, the practice carried on, and hence the introduction of the new legislation, he said.

Asaduddin Owaisi of the AIMIM, opposing the bill, asked as to how a jailed man can give maintenance allowance to his wife for the duration of his jail term. CPIM Member AM Ariff said he agreed the triple talaq practice was inhuman, but he would not support a legislation on this. He said he was having his own misgivings about the government move. 

With different parties taking different stands on the triple talaq bill, its passage in Rajya Sabha will not be easy, but the BJP will make a try. BJP on its own does not have a majority in the upper house as of now. The scenario might change in its favour in a few months’ time, when new inductions are made from various state assemblies. –IHN-NN


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