BJP HUMBLED IN MP … Two BJP MLAs vote with Congress to pass advocates’ bill

BHOPAL: The BJP, enthused by the fall of the JDS-Congress government in Karnataka a day ago, had egg on its face in Madhya Pradesh on Wedneday, when chief minister Kamal Nath pulled a coup of sorts in the saffron camp. Two BJP MLAs voted with the government to pass the Advocate Protection Bill – which was long pending but the Congress had in the last assembly polls promised to introduce and pass.

BJP members Sharad Kol and Narayan Tripaathi voted in favour, helping the minority government of Kamal Nath to pass the bill. The bill had been drafted 15 years ago, but the successive BJP governments did not take it up for passage.

The embarrassment for the BJP was all the more, as the Leader of the Opposition in the assembly Gopal Bhargava, of the BJP, had stated a short while ago that the Opposition was in a position to bring down the Kamal Nath government any time now, if the central BJP leadership gave him the nod to do so.

Kamal Nath was obviously enthused at the support his government got from two BJP legislators for passage of the bill, but he is mindful of the boobytraps that lie ahead. He survives on support from a few legislators from the BSP and SP, and they could pull the plug any time. Speculations are that Kamal Nath feeds these MLAs as also their party leaderships pretty well. Still, the BJP’s shadow lurks around. IHN-NN

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