SOME KIDDING … Inside PM’s chamber in Parliament through his busy schedule


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi played with a baby guest at his chamber in Parliament House on Tuesday. The kid was grand-daughter of BJP MP Satyanarayan Jatiya. A very special guest came to meet me in Parliament today,” tweeted the PM alongside the pictures. Immediately after the PM posted pictures on his official Instagram account, it received more than five lakh likes. 

The baby was brought into Parliament and then to PM’s office by her family. Modi had been told about the child’s arrival and he was well-prepared to receive her. The baby’s attention was instantly drawn to the chocolates the PM kept for her on the table, and she was largely enthused at the VIP honour accorded to her in her infancy itself. 

For one, former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah was amused. Tweeted Omar, “Cute pictures. While the Opposition parties yell themselves hoarse demanding that the PM explain last night’s mediation brouhaha, he lets them know what he thinks of their demand by putting pictures like these on his instagram feed.” 

PM Modi is the largest-followed world leader on Instagram, with a strength of 25million viewers.

Abdullah’s reference was to US president Donald Trump’s off-the-cuff statement that PM Modi had urged him to mediate on Kashmir with Pakistan and India. The White House later corrected it, after noticing the embarrassment it caused in India, that it was only an offer from the President. India does not allow third-party mediation on Kashmir. –IHN-NN


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