GOING, GONE … HDK ministry loses trust vote; 99 votes for, 105 against govt

UPDATE: Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy tendered resignation of his ministry to Governor Vajubhai Vala Tuesday night. He was asked to continue in caretaker capacity. All eyes are on BS Yeddyurappa to form an alternative ministry. “I am the happiest person now, I will keep fighting,” HDK said after quitting. IHN-NN


BENGALURU: The HD Kumaraswamy-led JDS-Congress government in Karnataka is exiting. It lost the confidence vote on Tuesday evening. It won only 99 votes in favour of the trust motion, while 105 members voted against, ensuring the immediate downfall of the 140month-old JDS-Congress government.

With about 20 legislators from the ruling side remaining absent in the assembly despite best and protracted efforts on the party of the CM to persuade them back to the ruling alliance’s fold, the CM reached a dead end. Addressing the assembly on Tuesday evening, chief minister Kumaraswamy said he was ready to bow out. 

With some help from the assembly speaker, the CM had managed to remain in power for a few more days after it was clear last week that the government would fall. It was noted by Tuesday that voting on the confidence motion introduced by the CM in the assembly last week cannot wait any longer. Two Independent MLAs too have ditched the government. 

The BJP is waiting in the wings to form the next government. The party has 115 members in a house of 224. The party expects that some of the dissident Congress legislators would back the saffron side to form the next government. Of the 16 dissidents from the alliance, 13 are from the Congress and three from the JDS, besides the two Independents. 


Former chief minister and BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa is likely to head the next government.

The problems faced by the Kumaraswamy government from the very start of its tenure 13 months ago has aggravated after the Lok Sabha poll results — which saw the JDS and the Congress getting one seat each, and conceding defeat in all other seats in the state to the BJP. The past weeks saw a build-up of dissidence. 

The BJP watched the scenes from the sidelines, and possibly worked from behind too, to see the HDK government out. The alliance government was formed after the 2018 assembly polls which saw the BJP emerging as the single largest party with 105 seats, the Congress with 76 seats and the JDS with 39 seats. Kumaraswamy, who led the JDS, bargained and grabbed the CM post from the Congress to form the ministry under a post-poll alliance between the two parties. The Congress, the JDS and the BJP had fought the poll separately. 

Kumaraswamy, who has taken into his mouth more than what he could chew, was a shame from Day One. He kept complaining about the “humiliations” he was facing from the state Congress leaders, but said he was sure the alliance would somehow carry on till the Lok Sabha polls — on the ground that the Congress had no other go till the polls are over. 

HD Kumaraswamy, who had held CM posts for brief periods in the past too, is son of former Prime Minster HD Deve Gowda, who founded the pro-Vokkaliga JD-Secular. Deve Gowda still remains as the titular head of the party.

While the JDS draws its support mainly from the Vokkaliga community concentrated in the southern districts, the BJP is well-entrenched in the Lingayat belts in the north. The Congress, which ruled the state for five years until 2018 under the strong leadership of Siddaramaiah enjoyed BC-SC-ST-Muslim support as also backing of the Brahmins. IHN-NN

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