PONZY SCAM … Mansoor Khan returns to India from Dubai, arrested by ED in Delhi


NEW DELHI: Ponzy scam accused Mansoor Khan, who ran what turned out to be a chit fund racket styled as I Monetary Advisory (IMA) and scooted from the scene in Bengaluru with millions, has been arrested. The arrest was made here on Friday by the Enforcement Directorate after his return from abroad.

Special Investigation Team (SIT) head Ravinkande Gowda tweeted earlier that an SIT team located Mansoor Khan in Dubai, and he was being brought to Delhi.

Mansoor Khan had posted a video some days ago expressing his willingness to return to India and face law. He has been saying that some politicians and anti-social elements extorted a lot of money from him and he was willing to name them. Some Congress politicians based in Bengaluru are believed to be among those who took protection money from Khan. IHN-NN

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