QUIT … Two young guns "quit" to back Rahul Gandhi; more might do so for Congress revamp; Crisis in Karnataka


NEW DELHI: The Congress party leadership is in for a revamp with two senior leaders quitting their posts – Milind Deora as Mumbai unit chief and Joytiraditya Scindia as party general secretary. Both have quit in tandem with a similar action by Rahul Gandhi who left the Congress presidentship after the May 23 debacle of the party in the Lok Sabha polls. Gandhi had said he was taking the responsibility for the party’s debacle, and there was need for accountability. He expected others too to quit their posts, but only scores of third-line leaders had done so, so far. 

Milind Deora said he would likely take up a senior post at the national level. Jyotiraditya Scindia too might be drafted in Delhi, or might be accommodated in some top post.

Jyotiraditya Scindia is son of deceased Congress leader from Madhya Pradesh, Madhavrao Scindia while Milind Deora is son of long-term Bombay Congress chief Murli Deora. 

The announcements came on a day when the Congress was embarrassed by reports from Karnataka that its alliance government with JDS leader HD Kumaraswamy as CM might fall. The strength of the Congress-JDS alliance has come down to 105 after 10 Congress MLAs and three JDS legislators quit their assembly membership and wrote letters to the Speaker. The BJP too has 105 members in the house. The Karnataka assembly has a strength of 224.

Chief minister Kumaraswamy reached Delhi on Sunday after a fortnight-long vacation abroad after the LS poll campaign was over. The Lok Sabha results saw the BJP winning 26 of the 28 seats from the state, leaving one each to the Congress and the JDS. IHN-NN

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