IAS SPLURGE … Senior IAS official spends Rs 70L for house renovation


BHUBANESWAR: A senior bureaucrat has splurged nearly Rs 70lakh for renovation of her official bungalow and its premises. As district collector of Sundargarh, Rashmita Panda spent as much of government fund in a span of six months. As high as Rs 4 lakh was spent on mosquito nets alone. No tender was called for the huge spend by way of manipulating accounting procedures.

When activists made a hue and cry, the Naveen Patnaik government simply transferred her from the post to another important post — namely as director of Employment and CEO of the Odisha Skill Development Authority, and activists who took up the matter are not impressed. 

Activists had collected the relevant information via an RTI enquiry, to which they got the official confirmation of the huge spend. Rashmita Panda is a 2010 batch IAS officer and she did this in her capacity as vice chairperson of the Rourkela Development Authority, Commissioner of The Rourkela Municipal Corporation and CEO of the Rourkela Smart Cithy Authority. IHN-NN

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