RAHUL AS LEADER … Rahul sticks to his decision despite plea by Congress CMs

UPDATE: JULY 1: Rahul sticks to his decision to step down from Congress chief post, and conveyed the same to the party CMs who met him in New Delhi on Monday. ==IHN=NN

NEW DELHI: In an orchestrated move, chief ministers of the Congress-ruled states will meet Rahul Gandhi here on Monday to urge him change his decision to quit the party president post. Scores of third-line Congress leaders, mainly Rahul chamchas, had resigned their posts in recent days to press Gandhi to continue to lead the party. However, this did not have the desired impact.
The chief ministers of Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry as also the deputy CM of Karnataka will meet Rahul Gandhi at the party headquarters. Rahul Gandhi had announced his decision to quit the president post on May 25, two days after the massive debacle of the party in the Lok Sabha polls in most states. It was he who had steered the party campaign for the polls, but with little impact on the voters. 
Worse, he had been defeated from the family citadel of Amethi in eastern Uttar Pradesh, where the campaign was led with minimum effect by sister Priyanka Gandhi. A pro-Modi wave swept the Congress under the carpet. The Congress won 52 seats in 542-member Lok Sabha, eight seats more than what it got in the 2014 polls.
If Rahul Gandhi persists on quitting, there is a chance of Priyanka Gandhi being persuaded to take over the Congress leadership. For, the Nehru family does not want to lose control over the party. Mother Sonia Gandhi is ailing and remains fully discredited over her stewardship of the party and her questionable controls over the Manmohan Singh government under the UPA I and II, a period that saw large-scale corruption and scams of epic proportions. Sonia Gandhi herself is not excluded from such major allegations.
Rahul Gandhi became Congress president in 2017, after being party general secretary for many years. He continues to be a Member of the Lok Sabha after winning the tribal-dominated Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in southern India this time. Rahul Gandhi also refused to lead the party in the Lok Sabha.
However, he is planning a Pada Yatra (March by foot) from Cape Comorin in the South from July or later, to attempt to revive the fortunes of the Congress party and erect a fresh mass base for the party to take on the formidable BJP at the national level. IHN-NN
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