BELEAGUERED BANERJEE … West Bengal CM seeks unity with Cong, Left


KOLKATA: A call by West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee to the Left and the Congress to join hands with her in a collective push against the BJP has aroused much curiosity but little of enthusiasm among the rank and files of these parties, who are set against each other for decades.

The beleaguered chief minister offered the Left and the Congress a bait – she would look into complaints of her TMC activists’ high-handed against these parties and set right wrongs if any. She said she would also look  into complaints of seizure of Left and Congress party offices by her TMC men.

Sand is seen slipping under Banerjee’s feet and there is every possibility a split could take place in the TMC and Banerjee ousted from power in a matter of months. The BJP is growing at a faster pace in the state. The Lok Sabha polls saw the BJP vote share increasing to 23 per cent. The party won as many as 18 of the 42 LS seats, while the TMC’s seat number went down from 34 to 22. However, the BJP is playing its cards with great care as it does not want to create a bad name for itself at this crucial phase of growth for the party in the state. IHN-NN


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