DEAD or ALIVE? Blasts at military hospital in Rawalpindi raises chance of Masood Azhar wounded or eliminated


NEW DELHI: Social media platforms are awash with reports Sunday, saying UN-designated terrorist, Masood Azhar, was among dozens of patients injured in a series of blasts at the military hospital in Rawalpindi. No official confirmation was available.  Some reports speculated that Azhar might have died in the blasts. 

A series of coordinated blasts ripped through two floors of the hospital, these reports said, showing visuals of smoke emanating from the high-security hospital. Rawalpindi is the headquarters of the Pakistan military. Masood Azhar, the mastermind of several terror attacks in India in recent years, was being given high-security protection at the military hospital for the past four months, after Indian Air Force fighter jets dropped bombs in Balakot in February last. 

The Pakistani media and the government remained silent on the social media reports. There are also speculations that the blasts were targeted at Azhar, and there might be the involvement of “foreign” hands. 

After the Balakot IAF attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said this was just a dress-rehearsal for bigger actions against Pakistan-based terrorism. He did not elaborate, but Modi’s return to power with a massive mandate in the Lok Sabha polls has been a matter of concern for Pakistan. The term-two of Modi, they feel, could be more aggressive. 

Turning a new leaf, recently, the Pakistani establishment “alerted” India and the US about a likely terror attempt to disturb peace in Kashmir valley. IHN-NN


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