ABDU IN BJP … Former Kerala MP and Modi-fan Abdullakutty meets PM Modi, says PM asked him to be part of BJP


NEW DELHI: God’s Own Baby, AP Abdullakutty, will be joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Abdullakutty met Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Monday, briefly, and would be meeting BJP president and Union Home Minister Amit Shah later in the day, when he is expected to be formally inducted into the party. 

Abdullakutty met PM Modi as per a pre-arranged plan mooted by the state BJP in consultation with the central party leadership. At the meeting, PM Modi thanked Abdullakutty for being his well-wisher for many years. The PM urged Abdullakutty to join the BJP. Abdullakutty told the media he was in Delhi to congratulate the PM for his massive electoral win.

Abdullakutty with PM Modi in Delhi

Abdullakutty is a two-time MP and one-time MLA. He was CPIM MP from Kannur from 1999 to 2009. He was Congress MLA in state assembly from 2009 to 2016; first by winning a byelection and later the general assembly poll. In 2016, he was not given the party ticket. 

Abdullakutty had been removed from the Congress party recently after he praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Abdullakutty’s statement that PM Modi was having shades of Mamatma Gandhi irritated the state Congress leadership. He justified the statement by referring to the pro-poor schemes that Modi has initiated, like the pension schemes for the unorganised labour, free LPG gas connections to BPL families, the introduction of the Swaach Bharat scheme etc. 

Abdullakutty had been with the SFI and later the CPI(M). He was thrown out of the party in 2009, when, too, his “error” was that he praised the developmental initiatives of Modi, who was then Gujarat chief minister. He had also disapproved of the practice of bandhs and hartals, saying this affected the development of the state. At that time, Abdullakutty praised, in specific, the resolve of Modi, to push development like speeding up highway projects by demolishing even temples. His stress was a Hindu chief minister was taking such strong steps and this was praiseworthy. 

After the massive election victory in the LS polls, PM Modi had made a special stress on removing misconceptions among the minorities about BJP, in the face of a campaign by the Congress and the Left, who use Muslims as vote banks. IHN-NN

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