CUT-MONEY … Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s call to party leaders to return the bribes they took creates a stir in state

Mamata Banerjee … “End bribe-taking”.


KOLKATA: Chief Minister Mamata  Banerjee is winning praise and criticism for her call to party leaders to end acts of corruption and return to people the “cut money” they took  in the implementation of government housing and other schemes. Else, she warned that such leaders would be put behind the bars. She made the declaration at a meeting of ruling TMC workers in Nadia district a day ago. Banerjee’s call is seen in the context of TMC losing one Lok Sabha seat there in the Lok Sabha polls, and amid protests against bribe-taking in districts like Birbhum, Jalpaiguri, Budwan, Mala, Purulia, Bankura etc in recent days.

Some days ago, the CM had said she was getting reports that some leaders are demanding and taking upto 25 per cent commission for providing housing grants to the poor. This must stop. Return the money you have taken from the people, or face dismissal from party,” she had warned. Some of the local level leaders were incensed over the CM’s remark.
They said if they took money, a part of it went to top leaders of the party. “So, will they also return the money,” one of the leaders asked, as per media reports.
Mamata Banerjee, who got shock results for her party in nearly 20 LS constituencies in the recent polls, is crest-fallen. She had hoped for a clean sweep, but the BJP upset her calculations. –IHN-NN

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