TRIPLE TALAQ … Triple Talaq bill to be introduced in Rajya Sabha immediately to ensure dignity of life to Muslim women


NEW DELHI: With a resolve to face situations squarely and act decisively, the Union Government on Thursday made it clear that the Triple Talaq Bill, aimed at giving Muslim women a dignified life in society, will be introduced in Rajya Sabha for passage forthwith. Various Muslim organisations, led by a section of the activist males from the community is strongly objecting to the bill. 

The attempts by the previous Modi government to pass the bill had not succeeded. It is likely that the government has requisitioned additional support in Rajya Sabha from non-BJP parties for passage of the bill. The introduction of the bill, among the first acts of the new government, will also expose those who are opposed to the cause of Muslim women, a BJP source said.

There are perceptions that despite an aggressive campaign by several Muslim outfits across the country against the BJP-led NDA in the Lok Sabha polls, substantial sections of Muslim women, especially in the northern states, have voted for the BJP, adding to the swelling support for the saffron party.  –IHN-NN


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