ALL-PARTY MEET: PM Modi holds all-party meet on eve of Budget Session

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an all-party meet on Sunday, as the build-up for start of the Parliament’s Budget Session Monday began here. Chairing the meet, the PM expressed his intention to take the concept of One Nation One Poll forward. Too much time, he said, was now being wasted round-the-year for elections. A meeting of the heads of all parties would be held on June 19 to discuss this matter.

PM Modi said many new faces have come to the new Lok Sabha from different parts of the country. “We must work with a new zeal and a new thinking.” The PM asked parties and leaders to introspect whether MPs are able to fulfil the people’s aspirations, as too much of time was wasted in disruption of both houses of Parliament, and more so the Rajya Sabha in the past few years.
Parliamentary affairs minister Prahlad Joshi and minister of state for parliamentary affairs V Muraleedharan were among those present apart from leaders of all parties. IHN-NN


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