YOGI’S UP … Arrested scribe in UP says Railway police urinated into his mouth

NEW DELHI: A television channel journalist who was covering the derailment of a train in Shamli district was manhandled, kicked, abused, and put in a lock-up, where the cops urinated in his mouth, reports said on Tuesday. Videos of the torture are circulating on social media and some TV channels.
Railway police is increasingly indulging in corrupt practices across the nation, including harassing and fleecing motorists in the name of wrong parking and taking bribes from them while some cases are referred to magistrates as well.   
The news comes with days of Uttar Pradesh police being pulled up by the Supreme Court over arrest of some journalists on charges of defaming chief minister Yogi Adityanath. The Railway police in the state is drawn from the UP state police. “The policemen were in plainclothes, one hit at my camera and it fell down. Then they started abusing me and taking me to the police station and putting me in a lock-up. They urinated in my mouth,” journalist Amit Sharma said.
After local journalists took up the matter with the higher-ups, Amit Sharma was released. Sharma said that some 10 days ago, he had done a reporting on them. Now, they snatched a mobile phone from me, on which the footage of the story was stored, he said. –IHN-NN
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