NO TO TALAQ … Union Cabinet again gives its nod to bill banning Triple Talaq; firm on protecting Muslim women’s rights


NEW DELHI: The first meeting of the Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved, for a third time, the Triple Talaq bill, as earlier bills had lapsed due to objections raised by the opposition in the Rajya Sabha and failure to pass it before the expiry of term of the last Lok Sabha. The bill aims at curtailing the practice of triple talaq existing in Muslim community, wherein a man seeking divorce from his wife will only need to say Talaq three times.

The bill introduced by the Modi government makes this a penal offence, irrespective of whether or not a religious edict allows it.

With consent coming from the cabinet again, the bill will be reintroduced in the Lok Sabha when it meets for the first session from next week. In February, the government had promulgated an ordinance in this respect. The government had clarified earlier that it aims at protecting the rights of Muslim women against possibilities of instant divorce.

At the cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister advised ministers to report for work at 9.30pm sharp, and avoid the practice of sitting back at home and working or issuing orders to the staff. Cabinet ministers have been asked to work with junior ministers in close coordination with each other.

The Prime Minister headed for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit later in the day to reach the venue of the meet at night in Kyrgyzstan. Chinese president Xi Jinping and Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan are among the leaders attending the eight-nation summit. 

Though a request for the PM’s flight to pass over the Pakistani sky was granted by the Imran Khan government, in view of the existing ban on flights from and to India after the Balakot IAF hit, the PM took a different route to Kyrgyzstan via Muscat and Iran. == IHN-NN


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