PM IN GURUVAYUR .. Holds prayers at Sri Krishna Temple, addresses BJP rally; PM says says working for people is more important for BJP than winning elections


GURUVAYUR: Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at the Sri Krishna temple here on Saturday and later addressed a public meeting organised by the BJP.  Union Minister V Muraleedaran translated the PM’s speech from Hindi to English. The PM wore traditional Kerala dhoti during his visit to the temple, where he performed a series of rituals. 

After the speech, the PM took off for Kochi international airport for brief rest and then would take a flight to Maldives at 2pm. The PM had traditional Kerala breakfast at the Government Guest House in Kochi, where he stayed Friday night after arrival at the Naval Base there around midnight.

Here below is the text of the PM’s speech:

“Being here in the sacred land of Lord Krishna gives me a new energy.

“This is a special experience for me to be here… One who lived in Gujarat and the soil of Dwaraka where Lord Krishna was born, I have a special sense of contentment to be here in the Lord’s abode. I am thankful I got an opportunity to be here.

“We all participated in the festival of democracy in the recent Lok Sabha polls. I want to congratulate you all for this participation.

“Political pundits did not realize or recognize the people’s mood. I want to congratulate all those who backed the BJP. BJP could not open account here. So, some may ask why Modi came here to thank people. Many moods are present in times of poll. Some are for, some are against. The government is of all the 130crore people. It is important for us to be all-inclusive. Just as Banaras (Varanasi) is in my mind, so is Kerala too.

“BJP workers do not look only at elections. We work for the nation. We as MPs are there for a term of five years. But we work for welfare of the people all our life.

“What is special about Kerala is the deep sense of faith of many hues. In this context, we are working to promote environment-friendly tourism, in special religious tourism. This also creates job opportunities. This is an area that opens up self-employment opportunities. The BJP government has taken several initiatives in this respect. Last time when I was in Thiruvananthapuram, I took note of certain things. Seven heritage tourism projects have been initiated and are being implemented. We need to care not just for humans, but all living beings, including elephants – and there are many in and around the temple – and other animals too. We have introduced a special scheme to check the foot-and-mouth disease. This is progressing.

“I express my concern over the Nippah virus spread and the Union Health department will extend full help to check this.

“We had introduced in the last term the Ayushman Bharat scheme to help the poor and take care of their health free. The people of Kerala did not get this benefit, because the state government did not implement this. I request the Kerala government to implement this and help the poor and the needy.

“In the last five years, the world looked at India with hope and high expectations. The LS polls results showed the people of this country dismissed negativism and encouraged positivity in politics. With the new government being voted in and sworn in on May 30, the hopes of the world on India have been renewed. 

To realize our hopes, a new energy is already on display. For a safe and new India, I urge you all to come forward, and let us move together in a united manner to realise our common dreams for the nation. BHARAT MATA KI JAI.


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