IN MAHATMA’S NAME .. IAS officer plays with words on Twitter, "sullies" Mahatma’s name; receives a show cause notice and transfer order !

picture credit DNA INDIA

MUMBAI: Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Nidhi Choudhari is in deep trouble after she tweeted about Mahatma Gandhi in a “sarcastic” manner and “thanked” Nathuram Godse for what he did on Gandhi. She now says she meant no offence to the Father of the Nation, and wrote the tweet in a “sarcastic” manner, targeting Godse fans, not the Mahatma.

Stated she in the tweet on the Mahatma: “What an exceptional celebration of 150th birth anniversary year is going on … High time we remove his face from our currency, his statues from across the world, rename institutions/roads named after him! That would be a real tribute from all of us! ThankU#Godse for 30.01.1948.” 
This was the date on which Nathuram Godse, a Hindu fanatic allegedly of RSS shade, shot and killed Mahatma Gandhi while he was at prayers in Birla Mandir in Delhi.
The IAS official’s tweet, on May 17, was apparently in response to a post from BJP MP Pragya Thakur, calling Godse a patriot. By plain reading, it seemed the IAS official expressed sentiments similar to Pragya. She now says, she meant the reverse… the fate that befell Gandhi in these times!
Once a controversy erupted, she deleted the tweet. But, the authorities were not impressed. The Maharashtra government transferred her from Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation to the Water Supplies department and a show cause notice followed. Choudhari claims now that she is a devout follower of Gandhi, and re-produces her previous tweets in support. IHN-NN

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