GOOD TIMES … Good time ahead for nation, Modi govt, says professor who predicted results correctly

The professor with his parents after voting… image courtesy News-18.


NEW DELHI: A Sanskrit faculty member of Ujjain’s Vikaram University, who also headed the astrology department there, had correctly predicted the outcome of the Lok Sabha polls. What he got in return was suspension from the department. 

A News-18 report said Dr Rajeshwar Shastri Musalgaonkar had predicted, which was carried by way of a social media post, that the BJP would get around 300 seats and the NDA more. Following this, he was suspended from the job on an order of the Election Commission — on the ground that he as a government servant favoured one party.  Musalgaonkar said his prediction was based on astrological analysis. 

He was quoted by the media as saying, “The Modi government would scale new heights of achievements. Country’s honour under him would see an upward trend gradually and the country would see a peaceful time barring natural calamities which aren’t controlled by the government.”

The professor claimed that astrology has different methods for knowing the future. “We also calculated the number of seats on the basis of prashna kundli and also based on any individual.” 

He said that as the head of the Astrology department, making such predictions was part of the course curriculum. They regularly came up with such predictions. “At times we also predict outcomes related to the weather and health also,” he was quoted in the report as saying.

The professor said he had predicted the poll outcome on a query from one of his students and the same was uploaded on social media without his consent. He stressed that his prediction did not imply support for any party. –NEWS-18, IHN-NN


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