CAUTIOUS CONGRESS …Feelings rife pro-Modi TV channels "manufactured" exit poll results



NEW DELHI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday urged partymen to remain alert in the next 24 hours and be fearless in the face of exit polls which had predicted a majority for the ruling BJP in the Lok Sabha polls. A tense Rahul Gandhi said a day before the counting that the exit poll results were “fake”. His sister Priyanka Gandhi too issued a similar appeal to partymen immediately after the exit poll results were aired by various TV channels at close of voting on May 19.

Feelings are rife among Congressmen that the pro-Modi media outlets have, together, manufactured the exit poll results out of thin air. Such views strengthened as hardly anyone in social media groups says he or she was contacted for the exit polls. So, question arises as to who voted for these exit polls.
“The next 24 hours are important. You all have to be alert and vigilant. Daree Nahin… Let us not be afraid. We are fighting for the truth. Let us not be disheartened by the fake exit poll results. Have faith in yourselves and the Congress. Your hard work will not be in vain, Jai Hindi,” the Congress president tweeted in Hindi.
The mood was palpably downbeat in the Congress and other opposition circles on Tuesday, a day before the counting of votes takes place for the 542 Lok Sabha constituencies from 8am Thursday. Opposition parties in Uttar Pradesh and at several other places are holding a vigil around strongrooms where the electronic voting machines were stored after collecting the votes.BJP headquarters busied itself with meetings, but there was no open show of jubilation.
Meanwhile, a high-level Opposition delegation went to meet the Election Commission head Sunil Arora and submitted him a memorandum which sought, among other things, that the VVPAT paper slips should be counted first and if any discrepancy is found, all votes in the assembly segment of a parliamentary constituency should be cross-checked.
The EC had earlier put in place a system wherein VVPAT slips will be counted in select segments of the voting centres in each LS constituency. This followed a Supreme Court decision to that effect. On Wednesday, the EC rejected the Opposition demand for first counting of the VVPAT votes. The Commission said it would not change the decisions it had already taken. IHN-NN

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