LAWYER’S STRANGE LOGIC: PM Modi "stooped low" in speech against Rajiv Gandhi, says Kapil Sibal in The Hindu, but he does not see what an immature Rahul did on PM Modi


NEW DELHI: Former Union law minister, lawyer and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, has found fault with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling former PM Rajiv Gandhi “Bhrashtachari Number One”, and said, “it surprised millions of  sane voices” as “very few expected of him (the PM) to stoop so low.” Kapil Sibal however, like an ostrich, does not see how his own party leader Rahul Gandhi went about calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “Chor.” 

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Not very surprisingly,Kapil Sibal’s views were carried as an article by The Hindu,. a national daily which is taking on PM Modi from the front. Wrote Sibal, “We witnessed a new low in the campaign; the Prime Minister’s desperate fulminations against not just his political opponents, but also the late Rajiv Gandhi, who left us in tragic circumstances.”

After referring to the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in Sriperambudur in Tamil Nadu while campaigning for the party in the Lok Sabha polls in 1991, Sibal said: “Twentyeight years later… Modi … while speaking at a rally in UP … addressed Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said, “Your father was termed ‘Mr Clean by his courtiers, but his life ended as Bhrashtachari No 1 (Corrupt No 1.” Added Sibal” “His statement surprised millions of sane voices. Very few expected of him to stoop so low.” 

The PM’s reference was to the Bofors scam, investigations into which reached nowhere, and the case got closed and was then reopened. The CBI is still following up on the case on the ground “new evidence” had surfaced about the corruption in the deal, which also involved an Italian agent. The PM’s was a retaliation to Rahul Gandhi repeatedly branding Modi a “chor” (thief) from public platforms in relation to the Rafale fighter jet contract with a French aviation firm. 

Sibal said the Bofors issue was dead. He stressed Rajiv Gandhi was Mr Clean. “Not the courtiers, but the nation recognised Rajiv Gandhi as Mr. Clean,” he said. 

“Irrespective of who wins in 2019, Mr Modi’s jibe will be remembered as a new low, not just in electoral politics but in public life. The example set by Mr Modi shows that public discourse has reached its nadir, and Mr Modi symbolises it,” Sibal concluded.

While Sibal says a court has cleared Rajiv Gandhi in the Bofors case, fact is also that no court has found any fault with Modi so far for the Rafale deal. Yet, Rahul Gandhi chose to call the PM a “chor” …”Chowkidar (Modi) Chor Hai.” There was a limit to defaming a serving Prime Minister, and Rahul Gandhi, by an immature act, chose to exceed his brief. Question is, what logic guided Sibal, who functioned as Union Law Minister?

Rahul Gandhi stooped low, and called PM Modi a Chor, and he got it back in the same coin. Period. 

There is little surprise however that Kapil Sibal chose to present the case in a way as to protect his leader and trash the other side. He is a lawyer  used to pleading only one side of a contentious issue before court. A media article should, however, be balanced as per long-held journalistic standards. 

Kapil Sibal’s grief over the PM’s comment on Rajiv Gandhi, and his patently ludicrous side-stepping of the Rahul Gandhi’s provocative barbs against PM Modi shows the stuff today’s politicians (who become ministers and run the country) are made of. 

Again, there is  little surprise how he got a space on the once-revered The Hindu, which is targeting Prime Minister Modi and the BJP all the time. –IHN-NN 


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