KAMAL vs KAMAL… BJP seeking ouster of super-rich CM Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh

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BHOPAL: With the BJP basking under the glory of exit poll predictions, it has put the Congress government headed by veteran politician Kamal Nath on notice. After BJP sought a fresh floor test in the state assembly on the suspected ground that he lost his majority support, the chief minister said on Monday that he was willing to do the same. 

“They have been trying this since the day I took charge here. So far, I have proven my majority in the assembly at least four times. If they want to have another floor test, yes, we can,” he said. 

The Congress party has only 114 members in the assembly that has a total strength of 230. It survives on the support of one each MLA from the BSP and the SP — allegedly paying huge monthly gratifications to these parties based out of Uttar Pradesh. Under the present circumstances, the two parties are unlikely to withdraw support to the government. The BJP, with its 109 seats, is reportedly looking at other options to bring down the government. 

Clarity about the BJP plan will be available only after May 23, when the Lok Sabha poll results will be out. As per exit poll predictions, BJP will upstage the Congress in the LS polls. 

Kamal Nath has repeatedly been a Union minister in Congress and UPA governments, including in the Manmohan Singh ministry. He handled several departments including urban development. 


son and father…

Meanwhile, reports about the huge assets of Kamal Nath’s son is the talk of the town. Nakul Nath, who filed his nomination papers for the Chhindwara Lok Sabha seat which his father vacated after becoming CM, has stated in his affidavit that his total assets are worth Rs 660crore. This is reportedly five times the recorded assets of his father and mother. Kamal Nath’s assets are of the order of Rs 124crore as per the affidavit he filed for the MLA poll. The family’s business empire has grown manifold over the recent years, more so during the two UPA periods.

BJP tribal leader Natthwan Shah, a former MLA, is the party nominee in Chhindwara.

The value of Nakul’s immovable assets is of Rs 41crore. Kamal Nath, a Doon School chum of Sanjay Gandhi, came into politics during the Emergency period, and eventually turned attention to business as well. Politics and business is a deadly mix for well-connected leaders. Several leaders are known to pour money they make from politics into business ventures. Now, Kamal Nath and his family can boast of a huge business empire. With his son being brought into electoral politics, a political dynasty is in the making with this huge wealth as support. 

As per the records, Nakul has shown an annual income of Rs 2.76crore while his wife’s income was 4.18crore. IHN-NN

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