MODI, THE VICTOR … PM Modi emerges as more powerful, detractors scurry for cover

NEW DELHI: With exit poll results giving the BJP and its allies a total of around 300 seats, a handsome majority in the Lok Sabha, and if this turns out to be true on May 23, what is certain is all the challenge to Narendra Modi for the PM chair will vanish into thin air. Those who dreamed to upstage Modi, like Nitin Gadkarai in the BJP, and Mamata Banerjee in the Opposition, will find their dream soured. 

Granted that the NDA gets as much seats, the architect of such a victory is Narendra Modi, and none else. From such a result, it could be affirmed that the people gave a thumbs up to Modi, despite the aggressive campaigns against him by some regional satraps, and during the campaign frenzy by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi as well. 

Rahul Gandhi however lost his steam midway through the polls, after he got a mouthful from Modi by way of calling Rahul’s father, Rajiv Gandhi the former PM, “Bhrashtrachari Number One.” Clearly, Rahul Gandhi invited as much from Modi. 

Rahul Gandhi demonstrated a low political culture by openly calling Modi, the PM, “Chor.” No other nation would have sat quiet about such a provocative offensive on the PM, who is the leader of the nation.  Modi gave it back to him in the same coin, and in sharper terms, by bringing up the imagery of the huge Bofors scandal wherein both Rahul’s father and mother were suspected, and Rahul Gandhi was taken aback. He lost track of the campaign. 

If the BJP-NDA wins about 300 seats, it can be safely assumed that the lack of Opposition unity in this LS polls proved to be disastrous for the Congress and others. Had they fought the polls unitedly, the scenario might have been different. IHN-NN


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