EXIT POLLS: BJP set for huge win, says exit polls; Congress fails to catch up

Image credit.. HansIndia
UPDATE: EXIT POLLS ARE GIVING BJP A HUGE WIN IN THIS LOK SABHA POLLS….BJP and allies predicted to win around 300 seats…

NEW DELHI: With polling for Lok Sabha polls ending in the last phase on Sunday, at 6pm, all eyes are on the Exit Poll results being telecast by various television channels, national and regional.  As per election commission guideline, exit poll results can be released only half an hour after the close of the voting on the last day of polling. The actual results will be known on May 23.

The first hints of what’s in the making would come from the exit poll results. Exit polls are done informally outside of select polling booths across the country. The programmes would start around 5pm, starting with analyses and broad hints, and the actual results of the exit polls will be telecast after 6.30pm.

Major channels ready with exit poll details are Today’s Chanakya, Times Now-CNX, News18-IPSOS, NewsX-Neta, Republic-Jan Ki Baat, Republic C=Voter, and ABP-CSDS, among others. In the 2014 exit polls, Today’s Chanakya came close to the actual results — by predicting 340 seats for NDA, and less than 300 for BJP alone.

The Congress party is not enthused by some unofficial leaks from some of these channels, which hinted that PM Modi could as well be readying for a second term. These leaks are not authentic, and one might as well wait for the evening’s news bulletins for a clear picture. — IHN-NN

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