LS RESULTS: Punters are convinced NDA will not get a majority in next Lok Sabha

NEW DELHI: A media survey of the post-poll scenario done this week, after the fifth phase of polling, showed the nation’s top ‘satta’ markets are less confident about the NDA winning a majority in the Lok Sabha after the 2019 polls.
An IANS report said that in its survey, punters have suggested that the NDA could get “around 240 seats (plus or minus 10) and the UPA around 145 (plus or minus 10)”. Among the regional satraps, the Uttar Pradesh ‘mahagathbandhan’, the DMK, the Trinamool Congress, YSR Congress and the Telangana Rashtra Samiti would do well.
As per the report, the satta markets located in Hapur, Delhi, Phalodi (Rajasthan), Indore, Kolkata, Agra, Bhavnagar, Mumbai and Nagpur still betted on the NDA led by Narendra Modi to emerge as the largest pre-poll alliance, and stay well ahead of the UPA. “But the earlier enthusiasm among punters of a runaway NDA victory is no longer evident,” the IANS report said.
The big losses for the NDA, it said, are likely to come in Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP-led alliance cornered 73 seats in 2014. The punters believe that this time, the NDA will stave off the challenge from the Bahujan Samaj Party-Samajwadi Party alliance, the ‘Mahagathbandhan’, to the extent that it will get more seats. Yet, it will still be a pared-down performance, with the NDA likely to get about 40 seats as against around 34 seats of the BSP-SP combine, the report said.
“Punters say there will be losses in Bihar too, which had supported the NDA in 2014, and the BJP-led alliance could get around 25 seats this time as against 15 of the Congress-Rashtriya Janata Dal alliance. The sequence of likely pared down electoral performances could continue in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh while there Gujarat might not see a BJP sweep.
The satta markets believe these losses could be offset partly by impressive gains — compared to the earlier low base — in West Bengal (punters say the BJP could bag 10 seats here, even though BJP president Amit Shah says the party was set to win 22-23 seats) and Odisha (again about 10 seats). However, barring Karnataka, the south is unlikely to be very supportive of the NDA and this is going to cause the BJP much worry,” the report added. –AGENCIES, IHN-NN


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