SAYS MANMOHAN … Modi’s five-year governance was a national disaster

Image credit .. The Samaja…
NEW DELHI: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said the nation is headed for a major economic slowdown due to the “wrong” policies of the Narendra Modi government. Modi’s five-year rule has been “most traumatic and devastating” for India’s youths, farmers, traders, and every democratic institution, Singh said in an interview to PTI news agency.
The former PM said Modi has left the nation’s economy in dire straits. He should be shown the exit door. His five-year tenure was a sad story of “poor governance and accountability failure.” The Modi government did not believe in inclusive growth and was only worried about its political existence at the altar of disharmony, the former PM felt.
Manmohan Singh said he did not see any wave in favour of Modi this time. “The people are keen on voting this government out,” he said.
“The five years of the Modi government is a sad story of poor governance and accountability failure. In 2014, Modiji came to power on the promise of ‘acche din’. His five years rule has ended up being the most traumatic and devastating for India’s youth, farmers, traders, businesses and every democratic institution. The past five years had only witnessed the stench of corruption peaking to unimaginable levels, and demonetisation was perhaps the “biggest scam” of independent India. The saffron party has been searching for new narratives every day which “reflects bankruptcy of national security vision”.
“Let’s not forget that Narendra Modi’s slipshod policy on Pakistan has been marred by a series of flip-flops- from going to Pakistan uninvited to inviting the rogue ISI to investigate the Pathankot Air Base terror attack. Does it not speak volumes about the strategic failures of the Modi government on the national security front,” he asked.
Singh said it was “distressing” that Modi was “filming movies” in the Jim Corbett National Park instead of chairing any meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) in the immediate aftermath of the Pulwama terror attack in which 40 CRPF personnel were killed.

On terrorism, Manmohan Singh said that it has seen a quantum jump under Modi. Terror attacks in the past five years in Jammu and Kashmir had gone up by 176 per cent and ceasefire violations at the border with Pakistan up by 1,000 per cent, he said. –Agencies, IHN-NN

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