Suspected IS links in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal; Kerala govt ignored central alerts about IS activities

TVM/ NEW DELHI: Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are states were the Islamic State (IS) terror network has established links, as per information collected by central intelligence agencies. IS, which started its operations in Iraq after the US ousted Saddam Hussein from power, is a Sunni outfit seeking to turn the entire world a Muslim Umma and is seen to be more lethal than the Al Qaeda of Osama bin Laden.

Some of the alerts from central agencies to Kerala government had not been taken proper note of or acted up on in this connection. The arrest from Palakkad of an IS operative linked indirectly to the Sri Lanka church blasts which occurred on Easter Sunday proved the central intelligence agencies’ information about attempts at IS infiltration in Kerala was true. The state government reportedly did not act on this, and it was the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which came down and arrested the youth, Riyas Aboobaker, 29. Riyas planned similar church bombings in Kerala too, NIA sleuths suspect.

Massive raids were held in northern Kerala districts including Kasaragod after the Sri Lanka blasts which killed more than 300 people, and its links traced to South India as also Pakistan. Several persons have been arrested from Tamil Nadu in this connection. Raids were continuing Thursday in Tamil Nadu, based on information provided about IS links he knew of in Tamil Nadu. 

In West Bengal too, the IS is active in some pockets, as per information gathered by the central intelligence agencies. Some IS operatives from Bangladesh had visited West Bengal and camped there for several days in recent times. 

The LDF government in Kerala goes out of its way, often, to please the minorities, specially Muslims, as part of a national-level pro-minorities stands by the CPIM central leadership. Investigations often get stuck as a result. A similar situation exists in West Bengal too, where the Trinamool Congress of chief minister Mamata Banerjee has Muslims as one of its major support base. 

In Tamil Nadu, the government takes tough action against militant or terror outfits, and alerts from central agencies are acted upon with the seriousness they deserved. IHN-NN


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