LS POLLS: Will Yechury and Co eat crow after LS polls results are announced? Quite likely

Image credit … Odisha TV

NEW DELHI / TVM: The BJP deliberately made attempts to put the two Communist parties in their place in this round of Lok Sabha polls, an inside source in the saffron party has revealed. This, the source said, was more important in Kerala for two reasons. One, the CPIM and the CPI were targeting PM Modi, the BJP and the RSS to the maximum, in turn and out of turn, in the last five years when the Modi government was in power. Two, this will steadily weaken the reds’ long-held hold over Kerala and open up a new era of politics in the state. 

Before April 23, this seemed to be impossible. Now, it seems this is quite likely sooner than later. The LS poll results will be a barometer to gauge the efficacy of this plan.  

The reds dug their own grave by their political immaturity.  They tried to be one up to the Congress in their protestations of defending the minorities, with a view to emerging as the principal “saviour” of the Muslims and Christians, who had apprehensions about the BJP government’s rule led by Modi. CPIM leader Sitaram Yechury led the charge from Delhi, both inside Parliament until the time he was a Rajya Sabha MP, and from outside too, much to the enthusiasm of the Congress. 

The minorities, however, knew the Left can’t move a finger beyond Kerala. Even in Kerala, the Congress is capable and a trusted ally of the minorities. There, thus, was no space for the CPIM, or the CPI, to “grab” a space for free.

Many saw Yechury as a political bulldog barking at Modi from the Nehru family compound — and by extension from the Congress premises. Allegations are also that he, as party secretary for two terms, sold out to Congress what was left of the CPIM. He relished being an “adviser” to the Congress leadership, and did little to improve the fortunes of the party. The CPI is hardly to be seen anywhere other than in the trade union front. 

Having finished off the CPIM and its rule in Tripura in a surprise hit in the last assembly polls, the BJP turned attention to Kerala. Because of the strong minority presence here, the BJP could not make much headway, directly. The RSS thus started working its mind in a different way. Quite a few strategies were employed, and quietly so. The candidates for the BJP-NDA were fixed with a view to making sure the LDF was hit to the maximum. This could be done in quite a few constituencies, not all, considering the other key aspects involved in the electoral fight. 

West Bengal is already a lost case for the CPIM and the CPI. The two parties have virtually no hold in other states and have a pariah status almost everywhere — outcasts who nobody wants to touch, as was proven prominently in Bihar this time. Yet, they wanted to project themselves as the principal opponent of the Congress, by way of Yechury’s copious display of bluff and bluster. 

The announcement of candidates by the LDF in advance helped the BJP to take stock of the situation and suitably plan its strategy. The RSS came in for good help. In fact, the RSS state leaders understood the rudiments of political fight more than the present crop of BJP leaders in the state. 

Also, neutralizing the Left in this elections is an investment for the future. The strategy seems to have worked as the Left is likely to face defeat in a minimum of 13 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state. In the process, if the UDF wins a couple of seats more, the BJP and the RSS are game with it. The saffron side is sure that the Congress will not be able to outwit the BJP at the national level this time too. 

If Kerala is lost, the reds can soon enough write their own political obituary in India. –EI-NN /IHN=NN


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