LANKA: Pakistani drug cartel link to Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka

NEW DELHI: A Pakistani angle is seen in the Easter Sunday blasts in Sri Lanka. Indian intelligence agencies, which had alerted the government in the island nation in advance about the impending church attacks, now say drug cartels based out of Pakistan is likely involved in the plot. Drugs from Pakistan reach Sri Lanka and from there they are sent by sea route to Europe, as has been the case for many years.

If they are sent directly from Pakistan, known for its drug trade, checks at European ports would be stronger, and hence the Sri Lankan route. Drugs are reached to Sri Lanka by boats and similar vessels from Pakistan.
A report citing this said Friday that when Mahinda Rajapaksa was the head of the nation, he had established close ties with Pakistan and took its help in fighting the LTTE. Since LTTE had an Indian-Tamil angle, he thought it fit to tie up with Pakistan. At the same time, he ignored the dangerous activities at the Pakistani high commission in Sri Lanka. Pakistan is known to use its diplomatic missions almost everywhere for multiple and shady purposes. These had a free go during the Rajapaksa time.

Also, in the eastern sector, where LTTE was playing mayhem and there were a mix of Tamil and Muslim population, Islamic fundamentalists established a base there. –IHN-NN  

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