ASSETS: PM Modi has assets of Rs.2.51crore; now earns about Rs 20lakh a year

Image courtesy: Hindustan


VARANASI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s income last year was 19.92 lakh, as per the affidavit he filed before the Election Commission as part of his nomination papers for Varanasi Lok Sabha seat. The previous year, his income was 14.59lakh.

In 2016, the PM’s income was 19.23lakh. In 2015, his income was 8.58lakh. In 2014, the year he quit as Gujarat CM and took up the PM post, his income was of Rs 9.69lakh. His sources of income are the salary gets as PM and interest from the deposits/investments he made.

Modi’s total assets rose by 52 per cent during the past five years since the year he became PM. Now, he has assets of Rs. 2.51crore. In 2014, his total assets, as declared to the EC, was of Rs 1.65crore.

While he has immovable assets of Rs. 1.1crore, the movable assets are of Rs 1.41crore. In 2014, this was of Rs 51lakh.

As on March 31 this year, the PM had with him a cash of Rs 38,750. He has a bank balance of Rs 4,143 – at the SBI branch in Gandhinagar. A property he bought in 2002 for a price of Rs 1, 30,488 has a market value of Rs 1.1crore. –IHN-NN


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