GOGOI CASE: An Anil Ambani angle in case of sexual harassment against CJI Ranjan Gogoi

NEW DELHI: An Anil Ambani angle has been added to the sex scandal involving Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and a judicial services woman who assisted him. Lawyer Utsav Bains who intervened in the court proceedings on the complaint from the women has submitted before the court that the woman was influenced by a few court staff who had been suspended from service two months ago. 

They had been suspended on a charge that they tried to tamper with a court order on Anil Ambani group. The order was against Ambani’s interests, but these court staff allegedly tampered with the wording to turn it in a different manner. 

Lawyer Bains also submitted that he himself had been offered Rs 1.50crore to organise a press conference etc to build the sexual misconduct case against Ranjan Gogoi. He refused to accept the offer, he said.

The submission was made when the apex court special bench considering the case against the CJI held a sitting on Wednesday. The three-judge bench comprises Justice Arun Mishra, Justice RF Nariman and Justice Deepak Gupta. 

It had also been alleged that the woman who made the complaint had taken through a third party an amount of Rs 50,000 from a youth for arranging a job in Supreme Court, which later led to filing of a case by the youth. It is also alleged that some of those who were linked to the racket promised to manipulate favourable judgement from the apex court in return for huge bribes. 

“This is a serious issue. Fixing has no role to play in the judiciary. We want to go to the root of the issue to find out who are these fixers. We will inquire into all these aspects,” the special bench observed on Wednesday. IHN-NN

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