DEATH OF ND TIWARI’S SON: Wife smothered Rohit to death; she was enraged as he was having drinks with cousin’s wife, says police

Apoorva and Rohit Tiwari
NEW DELHI: When she saw over a video phone call that her husband was sharing a drink with a woman relative, Apoorva Shukla could not bear it. A fight between the couple ensued and she strangled him to death. This was how police explained how former Uttar Pradesh chief minister ND Tiwari’s son Rohit died on April 15. This, though, is Apoorva’s version of how the murder took place. There could be other, as yet unknown, reasons for the murder, police suspect.

Apoorva is a lawyer at the Supreme Court and she is now in police custody. Interrogations are on. Initially, she sought to make the death as a case of heart attack. When police noticed she was hiding things, an interrogation followed, leading to the confirmation of what doctors felt — that it was a case of death due to suffocation.

ND Tiwari, Ujwala whom he finally married.


Rohit was an illegitimate son of ND Tiwari. The youth had fought a six-year-long case in court to prove that he was the son of the reputed Congress leader after ND Tiwari refused to admit so. Rohit was now 40. While his mother had not been married to ND Tiwari, the two wed formally after the court established the parentage of Rohit through a DNA test — in 2014. By then, the senior politician was aged 89. 

ND Tiwari, a prominent Congress politician, had been CM at various times in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, and also served as governor of undivided Andhra Pradesh. There had been several sex scandals in ND Tiwari’s own life. ND Tiwari died last year. 


During the day on April 15, Rohit and his mother Ujjwala had been to Kathgodam in Uttarakhand, and they were back in Delhi after he did the voting for the Lok Sabha polls. During the travel back home, he had a drink with the wife of one of his cousins. Apoorva, his wife, who was not with Rohit, made a video call to him and noticed that he was having drinks with the woman. This allegedly angered Apoorva.

In the night, after he got back home in Delhi, Apoorva claimed to have fought with him over his closeness to the cousin’s wife. Kusum. Rohit, who was heavily drunk, could not walk straight, and paced his way to his room on the first floor of the house — as was noticed by investigating cops later. When he was asleep, Apoorva allegedely smothered him with a pillow. 

Besides the couple, two servants were present at the house, and they were apparently sleeping, as per first information. Apoorva is suspected to have committed the murder around 1am. In the days before police arrived at the home for investigations, she had already washed the bedsheet and towels in the bedroom, so evidence might have been lost.

Rohit’s mother Ujjwala Sharma came the next day morning to Rohit’s home. Apoorva said Rohit was still asleep, and didn’t allow the mother to meet him. In the afternoon, when she was at Max Hospital for some treatment, she got a call from Apoorva, saying Rohit was in a bad state. Rohit was taken to a hospital in an unconscious state, and blood was coming out of his nose. Doctors pronounced him dead, said Additional Commissioner of Police, Rajiv Ranjan.

A cousin brother of Rohit, Siddharth, slept on the ground floor on April 15 night, as per one version.

As per information collected by cops, the family members had dinner at night before Rohit went up to his room. A while later, he came down, chatted with his mother, before she left for her home.


The mother of Rohit claims Apoorva’s family had an eye on their property in Defence Colony, and that Apoorva had an affair with someone before she married her son. Rohit and Apoorva had met on a marriage site, and got friendly. The two got married in 2918, but had frequent quarrels.

Also, it is clear from the CCTV footage at the reception of the home that Rohit was not able to walk properly when he reached home, and with difficulty walked up to his room. So, chances of a physical fight between the two did not arise. This strengthens suspicion that the murder was pre-planned. – Agencies, IHN-NN


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