HARDIK PATEL SLAPPED: Patedar Andolan leader Hardik Patel slapped at public meeting, assailant says Patel disrupted life in Gujarat and his wife’s health affected

AHMEDABAD: Patedar Andolan leader Harik Patel was slapped on stage while addressing a “Jan Akrosh Rally” in Surendranagar in Sundergarh district on Friday. The assailant was identified as Tarun Gajjar. Hardik Patel had recently joined the Congress party to take his pro-patedar campaign forward. He had campaigned for the Congress in the 2017 assembly polls.
Tarun Gajjar said he nursed a personal grouse against the Patedar Andolan leader, who had organised several shutdowns of markets and shops in Gujarat during his agitation. Duriing one of these shut-downs, Gajjar said, his wife could not be reached to hospital. Also, another time, medical stores remained closed due to this agitation. The health of his wife was seriously affected, he said, and asked, “Who does he think he is, Guajart’s hitler? I was waiting for an opportunity to hit him, and I got the opportunity today.”
Gajjar was manhandled by Hardik Patel’s supporters after the slap incident. Following this he was hospitalised. IHN-NN

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